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  1. Petra Sheeley says:

    I got your name from Elizabeth St. Germaine, we have a very young diamond back terapin that was brought into the school by a student. I feel that releasing it now would greatly lessen its chances of survival.
    Can you take it, or can you inform me of someone else who can help? I have no problem keeping it for the winter and releasing it in the spring, I just don’t know how to take care of it.
    Thank you for any help you can give me.
    Petra Sheeley

  2. Carolyn and Dick Ryczek says:

    Hi Don,

    Dick and I attended your great turtle talk at Waquoit Bay late this summer. At the time we were anticipating our own hatching from a painted turtle nest that had been deposited in our garden in early June. The soil is garden soil, not sandy, watered frequently. The surface received direct sun at least six hours in the afternoon.

    Well, sadly, it never happened. Yesterday, while working in the garden, I decided to investigate. About 6- 8 inches from the surface, were 10 eggs. All were intact, except a few lower ones, which may have been disturbed by my shovel. It appears that none of them began any development, because all still contain the yellow yolk.
    Any thoughts?

    Carolyn Ryczek

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