1999 – 2003: Terrapin Diary

One of the web’s first blogs … even before the term “blog” had been invented … began as a collaboration between Don Lewis, the Turtle Guy, and Jim Van Abbema, The New York Turtle & Tortoise Society web master.  This unique partnership between rural Outer Cape Cod and metropolitan New York started after the discovery of a massive die-off of diamondback terrapins during the winter of 1999-2000.  It continued and deepened over the next four research seasons.  Now, thanks to that renewed partnership, the Terrapin Diary has risen from the bit-bucket of digital history to be resurrected and mated with its successor, the Turtle Journal.  The fully integrated Terrapin Diary – Turtle Journal offers continuous coverage of wildlife research, rescue and conservation along the Atlantic shoreline from 1999 to the present, almost a decade of uninterrupted observations, stories, anecdotes and scientific data.

For a trip through the Terrapin Diary in its entirety, click on the cover page below.  Although you may get lost in time as you burrow deeply into those exciting stories and compelling images, we hope you’ll return to Turtle Journal to see what’s happening right now outside your virtual window into the natural world that surrounds us.

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