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Don Lewis, Massachusetts Audubon Society,
Fox Island Wildlife Management Area

Chubby Still Hanging On — 15 March 2001

Taking water temperatures off Turtle Point this morning, I also checked on Chubby.  At first I thought she had left, since I couldn't spot her from the bearberry hill overlook, and I so noted in my log.  But in the distant tidal flats I saw two large red objects which seemed suspicious.  I decided to investigate.

After a plodding, slogging, serpentine trek through the mud flats, I discovered these objects were bags filled with seed oysters collected from Fresh Brook.

But on the way back to the shoreline, I nearly tripped over Chubby as she lay still and hidden in a marsh hollow.

She was alert enough to react to my presence, but she continued wheezing and her breaths were labored.  I also saw slight traces of dried blood on the rim of her nostrils.