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Don Lewis, Massachusetts Audubon Society,
Fox Island Wildlife Management Area

Chubby Fading? — 14 March 2001

Rounding Turtle Point off south Lieutenant Island this morning, I spotted a grayish shape sagging with the contour of the salt marsh tufts.  A quick scan with binoculars identified Chubby.  She lay about 50 feet to the east of her last location and in an area which is flooded at each high tide.

She appeared so lethargic as I approached that I suspected she had passed.  But, no, as I tight-roped through the mucky marsh flats and circled for a closer view, she still tracked my movement with her eyes if not with her head.

The area of her left side, which evidenced a confrontation on Monday, still seemed raw with some spotty blood traces.  She continues to expel gas in audible bursts.

During this quick assessment, she lifted her head only once and briefly; she did not exhibit any defensive behavior.  Her eyes have some crusting around the lower edges, but I saw no fresh exudate.