Witness the Miracle of Birth

emerging hatchling 004 480

Diamondback Terrapin Hatchling Emerges

The full Turtle Journal team hit the field this Saturday morning to check for hatching diamondback terrapins and stumbled across a most awe-inspiring moment:  the miracle of birth.

hatchling patrol cropped 480

Sue Wieber Nourse & Rufus on Patrol

Sue Wieber Nourse, the one with the clip board, and Rufus Wieber Lewis, the four legged researcher with red hair and pink tongue, patrolled Lieutenant Island’s Marsh Road and Turtle Point for signs of emerging nests.  At the high dune of Turtle Point, the team discovered several nests on the cusp of “pipping.”  In one nest, three of the babies were advanced enough to be born in front of our video cameras.

Witness the Awe-Inspiring Miracle of Birth

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