NPR Sea Turtle Interview on WCAI/WCAN

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NPR Studio: Don Lewis, Mindy Todd and Kathy Zagzebski

On Tuesday morning, December 7th, Mindy Todd, host and producer of The Point on Cape and Islands NPR Station WCAI, interviewed Turtle Journal’s Don Lewis and the National Marine Life Center’s Kathy Zagzebski about this fall’s large number of sea turtle strandings on Cape Cod.  Before the show began, Don, Mindy and Kathy … joined by the shell of a juvenile loggerhead sea turtle that had succumbed to cold-stunning in a previous stranding season … prepared for the 9:30 am broadcast.

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Don Lewis Rescues Kemp’s Ridley from Duck Harbor

By 2 pm on Monday, December 6th, 174 cold-stunned sea turtles had been recovered from Cape beaches, and four more sea turtles had been sighted, but had not been recovered by rescuers.  Of these 174 turtles, 160 were identified as Kemp’s ridleys, 13 were green sea turtles and one was a hybrid, possibly a ridley-hawksbill.  One hundred twenty-five turtles were found alive on the beach, and 45 had already succumbed by the time rescuers reached them.  Another 12 turtles died after being recovered alive.  One hundred twenty-two turtles were transported to the New England Aquarium for emergency medical treatment.

kempsridley 480

Cold-Stunned Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle in Triage

Early morning on the 7th, another five Kemp’s ridleys were recovered from Eastham beaches; two of which were found alive.

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Cold-Stunned Green Sea Turtle in Triage

The Point interview from December 7th has been archived on the WCAI/WGBH web site and can be accessed by clicking here.

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