Lethargic Juvenile Harbor Seal in Wellfleet Harbor

harbor seal 25 Oct 2010 001 480

Juvenile Harbor Seal in Wellfleet Harbor 

Sue Wieber Nourse of Turtle Journal discovered a small, juvenile harbor seal on the beach just west of the fisherman’s pier in Wellfleet Harbor early this afternoon.  The animal appeared quite lethargic when Sue first arrived on the scene.

harbor seal 25 Oct 2010 002 480

Juvenile Harbor Seal

After a few moments the juvenile seemed to perk up a bit, yet continued to bask on the beach.  We reported this seal to the marine mammal stranding network (IFAW) and were told that it had been observed at this location for at least 24 hours.  Volunteers from the stranding network were checking the animal periodically.  Should you find a marine mammal on a Cape Cod beach, do NOT disturb the animal.  They are protected by federal law.  Instead, report the observation to the stranding network at 508-743-9548 … or you can always call the Turtle Journal 24/7 hotline at 508-274-5108.

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