Turtles of Cape Cod Field School 2010: Day One

fs 2010 001a 480

Sue Wieber Nourse with Female Juvenile Terrapin

Day One of the 2010 Turtles of Cape Cod Field School kicked off with a fine start as six terrapins and one box turtle were captured by participants. 

fs 2010 007 480

Field School Documents Terrapin Nester at Observation Deck

The morning started with an expedition to the Run to search for juvenile diamondback terrapins.  But as field school participants meandered along Goose Pond Trail to reach the bay, they encounterd female Terrapin #1043 just completing her nest by the Observation Deck.  Students watched as the turtle danced down the last few pats to finish off the nest.

fs 2010 008 480

Field School Documents and Protects Terrapin Nest

After she completed the nest, student scooped up Turtle 1043 to record her latest measurements and weight, and then turned their attention to her eggs and the nest which they protected with predator excluder cage.

Field School Hunts for Juvenile Terrapins in the Run

Sue Wieber Nourse scored the first capture of the morning with a beautiful female juvenile terrapin.

fs 2010 004 480

Matt Captures Male Terrapin in Run

Matt soon followed with the capture of the only male terrapin of the day.

fs 2010 009 480

Field School Examines Juvenile Terrapins

Before everyone turned their attention to processing and documenting captured turtles, they took a few moments to admire the juveniles and to snap some pictures of the experience.

Field School Has Fun with Calipers!

 But if you really want to have fun, pass around a very large set of calipers to measure these diminutive terrapins!

fs 2010 022 480

fs 2010 016 480

fs 2010 017 480

 fs 2010 019 480

fs 2010 020 480

fs 2010 023 480

A great beginning to another exciting Turtles of Cape Cod Field School.

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