Blasch Construction Team Saves Endangered Turtle Nest

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Blasch Del Mar Project near Wellfleet’s Great Island

Crews at the Blasch Del Mar construction project at the end of Chequessett Neck Road in Wellfleet saved another threatened diamondback terrapin nest last weekend.  In the three seasons this project has spanned, crews at the site have saved at least one terrapin nest each year and have protected numerous turtles from tourist vehicles turning around at the site.  The entire project operates under a state-approved Turtle Protection Plan, but the crews have reached out beyond the boundaries of their project to ensure that these endangered turtles and their nests are protected.

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Threatened Diamondback Terrapin Nest

The construction crew spotted a turtle wandering back and forth across the asphalt road in front of the project.  The worker installing the alarm system in the new home called the Turtle Journal 24/7 hotline to alert us.  The builder watched as the turtle began digging a nest just beyond the asphalt road and a couple of feet east of the public footpath to the bay.  Once the turtle had finished her nest, the crew sped to the site and constructed a wooden box around the nest to ensure that vehicles and walkers stayed clear of the fragile eggs.

Cellphone Video of Saved Terrapin Nest

Turtle Journal arrived later to document the nest and to install a predator excluder.  Unfortunately, the only camera I had on hand was my cell phone.

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Blasch Workmen Protected Endangered Nest

Crews at the Blasch Del Mar project have saved other terrapin nests in 2008 and 2009, yielding more than thirty live hatchlings as recruits to the Wellfleet Bay population.

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Protected Terrapin Nest at Blasch Del Mar

With warm sunshine through June and July, we can expect these eggs to incubate well and hatch sometime in mid-August thanks to the vigilant actions of the Blasch Del Mar construction team.

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