Egg Hunt: Who Needs Bunnies When You Have Swans?

swan nest 005 closeup fix 480

Pair of Mute Swans (Cygnus olor) in Marion’s Spragues Cove

A pair of mute swans (Cygnus olor) have taken possession of the Spragues Cove pools and have built a nest on an artificial island separating the second and third pools.

 swan nest 001 fix 480

Mute Swan Leaves Nest on Artificial Island

As we explored the cove and its pools on Saturday, we spotted one of the swans taking a break from sitting on the nest. 

Mute Swan Nest in Spragues Cove 

We carefully investigated the nest while the swans foraged out of sight, careful not to contaminate the nest with human touch and scent. 

swan nest 013 480

Mute Swan Egg with Quarter for Sizing

Who needs an Easter bunny when you have a pair of swans to provide an oversized egg for the basket.  Unfortunately, we suspected the swans would not have accepted the egg back into the nest with chartreuse coloring.  So, we carefully disguised our presence before the pair returned to incubate the nest.  We watched closely to ensure that the swans accepted the egg and we returned again today, Sunday, to check again.  The pair continue to take turns incubating the egg.  Hopefully soon Turtle Journal will be able to document the newest member of the swan family for our readers.

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