Spotted Turtles Lovin’ in the Rain

stbm 29 Mar 2010 019 pair 480

Mating Pair of Spotted Turtles (Male Left)

Pouring rain all day has left the South Coast of Massachusetts drowning in mud and puddles.  Turtle Journal explored wetlands in search of amphibians and reptiles that exploit these conditions for spring mating.  We found large eggs sacs from spotted salamaders in a nearby abandoned cranberry bog, and we heard a few spring peepers screaming for attention.  But the only loving we confirmed this morning was a mating pair of spotted turtles at Brainard Marsh off Buzzards Bay.

Spotted Turtles Lovin’ in the Rain 

This lovely pair included a female turtle, #13, that we have been tracking for several years with a new male partner who refused to show his face.   

female spotted turtle 29 Mar 2010 480

Female Spotted Turtle

Spotted turtle #13 above sports a large bulbous growth under her carapace in her fourth vertebral.  Like all spotted females, she has a colorful neck, washboard abs and a thin tail. 

male spotted turtle 29 Mar 2010 480

Male Spotted Turtle

In contrast, our male spotted turtle has a concavity in the middle of its abdominal plastron scutes, a thicker tail and drab coloring under his chin.

2 Responses to “Spotted Turtles Lovin’ in the Rain”

  1. lauren says:

    Awesome Find! This is a great comparison on the sex difference between female and male plastron (bottom or ventral side)! And what a cute couple!

  2. Wendy says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words and great video of the Seacoast Science Center. We’ve really enjoyed seeing your work. Victor and the crew also appreciated your taking the time to compliment the exhibits and their efforts.
    PS–I tried to respond directly to your email address, but no go.