Ode to a Lazy Seal

wellfleet harbor seal 003 840

Tourists Gone And the Living is Easy!

Boats hauled and tourists have abandoned Outer Cape Cod for parts south and warm.  Summer bustle’s been replaced by laughing gulls and snoozing seals.  Nature’s returned to a slower, more tempered rhythm.  

wellfleet harbor seal 002 840

Lazy Harbor Seal

A juvenile harbor seal has squatted on the deserted floating dock in the protected shadow of Wellfleet Pier.  Surrounded by legions of seagulls, the seal rolls off its waterbed into a lunch bowl teeming with bite-sized fish.  A moment of frenzied munching, an undulating reach to recapture the perfect napping position on the swaying dock, and it’s back to the important business of the day: storing blubber for the long, hard winter ahead.

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Ode to a Lazy Seal

There are times in the struggle of life when unemployment soars into the teens and every other road between Race Point and Sagamore Bridge is clogged, closed and detoured that the quiet life of a harbor seal seems an attractive alternative.  But then winter comes.  

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