Nine-Spotted Ladybug Hitches Ride to Outer Cape

ladybug 000

Nine-Spotted Ladybug (Coccinella novemnotata)

As we drove our Element along the Mid Cape Highway between Dennis and Brewster, a nine-spotted ladybug hitched a ride on the driver’s side window and slipped inside the car to make itself comfortable for the next 15 miles.  When we arrived at the Fox Island Wildlife Management Area in South Wellfleet on Outer Cape Cod, this little insect took a few moments to get acquainted, thanked us for the transportation and then scurried up the window to fly off into its new homeland.

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Nine-Spotted Ladybug Spreads Wings in South Wellfleet

The lady bug is the state insect for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but it is usually noted … although not officially approved … as the two-spotted ladybug.  The nine-spotted lady bug is the state insect for our western neighbor, New York.

You may enjoy the following sequence of freeze frame shots that provide a nice documentation of the ladybug as it spreads its wings and flies off into the eastern horizon.

ladybug 001

ladybug 002

ladybug 003

ladybug 006

ladybug 008

ladybug 009

ladybug 010

ladybug 011

ladybug 012

ladybug 013

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