Eastern Box Turtle Hatchlings Emerge on SouthCoast of Massachusetts


Eastern Box Turtle Newly Emerged from SouthCoast Nest

A  female Eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina) laid a very, very large nest in Wareham on the SouthCoast of Massachusetts this last June.  How large?  The nest contained nine plump and healthy eggs, enhanced by frequent and heavy summer rains.


Eastern Box Turtle Hatchlings and Pipped Eggs

This morning these eggs began to pip and two hatchlings emerged by noon.   The remainder of the nine eggs have pipped with various body parts pertruding from the weakened shells as they, too, struggle to greet the world.

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Eastern Box Turtle Hatchling Emerges

Quite a bit larger than their terrapin cousins, these babies still have a fairly large yolk sac.  They’ll be released back at their natal nest site as soon as they have all emerged and their yolk sacs have been sufficiently absorbed.


Eastern Box Turtle Hatchling with Large Yolk Sac

And here are a few more snapshots of our new babies.


Newly Emerged Eastern Box Turtle


Eastern Box Turtle Hatchling Profile

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