Eastern Box Turtle Hatchlings

Gardening can yield some unusual crops. A resident of Paine Hollow in South Wellfleet was clearing the plantings around her cottage when she discovered a hole in the mulch covered bed. At the bottom, four perfectly healthy, but grumpy Eastern box turtle hatchlings were hunkered down for an overcast, windy and raw September day. 

Four Eastern Box Turtle Hatchlings

They seem small … that is, until you compare them to diamondback terrapin hatchlings that emerged a short distance away.

DBT & EBT Size Comparison

Comparison of Terrapin (Left) & Box Turtle (Right) Hatchlings

These hatchlings were discovered at the edge of conservation land, the Whale Bone Trail, that I had assesssed last fall as prime Eastern box turtle habitat.  What a beautiful way to have your assessment confirmed!

Eastern Box Turtle Hatchling Close-Up

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