Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles Create National and Regional Headlines

A young Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle is found alive in Brewster (USA TODAY)

Photo by Sue Wieber Nourse (Turtle Journal)

The recovery of critically endangered sea turtles on Cape Cod, spurred by plunging temperatures and fierce gale force winds, made national headlines this morning, November 26th, in USA Today.  The story, with Sue Wieber Nourse’s picture above of a tiny live Kemp’s ridley from Linnell Landing in Brewster, appeared on Page Three of the national print edition and in the USA Today on-line newspaper.  The article was researched and written by Emily Bazar and the photo was selected by Robin Smith.  The story was titled “Endangered sea turtles killed by cold snap” and can be read by clicking on the title or on the photograph above.  We would have preferred, of course, “Endangered sea turtles rescued during cold snap,” but we don’t get to write the headlines.  We do get to thank and congratulate Ms. Bazar and Ms. Smith for helping us raise awareness … which in turn saves lives.

The Turtle Journal story about this particular Kemp’s ridley rescue ran as Tiny Kemp’s Ridley Rescued in Freezing Conditions.

Russell and Kerry Barton Find Loggerhead on Beach Patrol

The Bartons became regional celebrities as they appeared on the front page of the Cape Cod Times on Tuesday, November 25th.  The story by Cape Cod Times reporter Patrick Cassidy and photographer Merrily Lunsford highlighted the Bartons in telling the tale of cold-stunned sea turtle strandings in their report, “Dozens of cold-stunned turtles wash up.”  It can be read by clicking on the title or on the photograph above.  Again, their great writing and compelling pictures will increase awareness in the region and if past is prologue, the article will lead to more endangered sea turtles being saved.  Thanks to Mr. Cassidy and Ms. Lunsford, and of course to Russell and Kerry.

The Turtle Journal story about this rescue patrol ran as Turtle World Turned Upside Down.

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    It sounds like it was a good thing that these people were willing to rescue these guys from death.

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