Danger — Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object

It was inevitable.  The large flock of wild turkeys in Eastham, Cape Cod that we spotted in late October (see Rafter of Turkeys Gobble Thanksgiving Overture) appears to have eaten its way to a crossing point: the extremely busy Route 6 highway in Eastham near the National Park Service Center at Salt Pond.  Habitat fragmentation (the immovable object) confronts hungry turkeys (the unstoppable force).  The collision of these forces will likely be tragic for the softer bodied vector, perhaps augmented by a few mangled vehicles, too.

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Wild  Turkeys Dodging Traffic on Route 6, Eastham

Turtle Journal recommends extreme caution when rounding the Salt Pond curve from Eastham Center and when descending the hill from the north.  From either direction the turkeys blend into the background and are nearly impossible to see.  It would be nice if they could be encouraged to fly across the road, but they’re turkeys and dodging high speed vehicles adds so much more excitement to an otherwise mundane and boringly pastoral life.

Perhaps a sign would help … the humans, that is; I don’t think the turkeys can read.

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