Bring in Your Pets; Hide Your Children. Here Come the Snappers!

Snappers:  Heads You Lose, Tails You Lose

Forty-two hyper-charged snapper babies emerged from a single nest at Turtle Journal Sunday evening.  Looking more ancient than a triceratops and as fiercesome as a tyrannosaurus rex, these hatchlings are all heads and tails.  When they get a little older, snappers present a no win scenario for humans:  heads you lose, tails you lose.

Attack of the Snapper Babies!

Watching these babies swarm gave Turtle Journal the concept for a Hollywood B movie.  We’d pitch it as a cross between Jaws and Aliens, as snappers enveloped the Earth.


No Obstacle Can Restrain Them

Clearly, no obstacle can restrain them.  They scale walls and advance with neither angst nor doubt.

Wave after Wave, They Come!

Onward they advance, wave and wave. 

Fierce and Unstoppable, They’re Snapping Their Way to You

Bring in your pets; hide your childen.  The baby snappers are here and you should be very, very afraid.

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