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Don Lewis, Massachusetts Audubon Society,
Fox Island Wildlife Management Area

Perspective — 27 April 2001

Air temperature 44°F, water 49°F, wind 20 knots out of the NE with 30+ gusts = a return to brumation.

Showing an even-keeled sensibility, which has enabled 250 million years of survival, the Wellfleet Bay terrapins’ decision to retreat was indeed the better part of valor.  Not a single turtle braved today’s brutal conditions, opting instead to rest snuggly in the oozy warmth of their muddy beds.  “Wake me when this miserable spring is over,” one yawned to the other.  And near-audible z’s could be felt resonating from the bottom of Blackfish Creek.  If only humans had such a fine-honed sense of perspective.