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Don Lewis, Massachusetts Audubon Society,
Fox Island Wildlife Management Area

The Great Escape — 10 April 2001

Two days of bright sunshine baked the Land of Ooze, and its mud flats have begun to spring to life.  True, these critters aren’t turtles.  But they do live in the marsh creeks, they burrow under the mud for winter, and they are an imminent precursor of our beloved terrapins.

Water temperatures, even early this morning, had reached 52 degrees Fahrenheit.  Fiddler crabs sprang from the ooze, muddy mounds surrounding escape tunnels.

They haven’t begun to march in armies yet, but they have emerged and that’s a welcomed harbinger of things to come.  Even in the grassy marsh, fiddlers are on the move.

And it is springtime, so it shouldn’t surprise us that all God’s creatures seem to prefer a two-seater rather than flying solo.