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Don Lewis, Massachusetts Audubon Society,
Fox Island Wildlife Management Area

Where’s Tarzan When Your Really Need Him?
— 9 March 2001

Two “storms of the century” in quick succession are enough to make any self-respecting, tree-dwelling turtle pine for springtime and maybe Tarzan, too.  Jane, the diamondback terrapin unearthed during the full moon tides of early February, has bunked down in the Connemara Cottage treehouse to wait out winter.


Hunkered inside a cozy carton which should read: “Do not open til it’s over!,” Jane has slipped back into the reptilian dreamworld of brumation, with sweet thoughts of yummy tidal shrimp and luxurious mud baths dancing in her head.

Less than two weeks to spring, and then maybe another two weeks or so before the first terrapins begin to stir, and Jane can return to her playmates in the Land of Ooze.  For the nonce, sleep on, young Jane.  “Rock-a-bye turtle in the tree top . . .”