Reptilian Extravaganza at Lakeville Historical Society

Turtle Speaks Lakeville Historical Society 480

The Turtle Invites

Through the magic of digital media, Turtle Journal’s Don Lewis and Sue Wieber Nourse will transform the Lakeville United Church of Christ into the wild world of turtles for kids from four to 104 to experience the excitment of adventure and discovery.  We’ll cast away the everyday world, climb inside a dazzling sound and light show, and unleash our inner explorer.  We’ll watch as turtles wake from winter slumber, bask in bright spring sunshine and turn their thoughts to creating the next generation of reptiles.  We’ll hide in camouflage as females trek across impossible obstacles to reach nesting sites and deposit eggs representing the future of threatened turtles in Massachusetts.  We’ll fast forward as hatchling emerge from the sand to take their first breath of live as they scramble for safety.

Turtle Journal Team 480

Don Lewis and Sue Wieber Nourse in the Field

We’ll uncover secrets about what makes these shelled critters such a wonderful bellwether species of our natural world.  Turtles have survived the dinosaurs, survived the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, survived ice ages and intervening global warming, out-lived saber tooth tigers and mammoths … and have crawled the earth for 300 million years.  As their populations tumble, so goes the quality of the world around us.  As turtles thrive, we see positive advances in the richness of our own lives, too.

Turtles of Massachusetts 480

Turtles of Massachusetts

Lakeville Historical Society, 7 pm on May 25th, Lakeville United Church of Christ

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