Turtle Journal “Rescued Green Sea Turtle” Photo Goes Globally Viral

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Tiny Green Sea Turtle Rescued by Turtle Journal Team

Quicker than you can say, “A. P.,” our photograph of Turtle Journal’s Jared Nourse holding the tiny green sea turtle he rescued from Breakwater beach in Brewster at 3 am on Thanksgiving morning went hyper-viral through the global electronic community.  We received a call late Friday morning from A.P. Boston to confirm that the photograph was ours and that we were willing to allow it to be distributed by A.P. to underscore the story of cold-stunned sea turtle rescues on Cape Cod.

Much less than an hour after that conversation, our computers began to buzz with hits as the image started appearing in on-line newspapers and media outlets, first locally, then regionally, and swiftly moving across the country and around the globe.   Cape Cod, Boston, Springfield, Worcester, New Haven, Nashua, Albany, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Washington D.C., South Carolina, Miami, Georgia, Texas, St. Louis, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, California, Oregon, Seattle, Anchorage, Hawaii, Samoa, Manila, India and even the Himalayan Times in Nepal.  In between, other media picked up the photograph, including CBS, ABC, Fox, Cox Cable, Time Warner, Comcast, and so on and so forth.

It’s a breathtaking, mind-boggling experience to behold as one of your creations goes viral.  It feels a bit like letting your puppy slip outside to gnaw on a bone, only to get a call a few minutes later from the Dali Lama complaining that your dog was tugging at his alarm gong. 

One good piece of news is that Jared has not let the incident go to his head, although he does assert that his hand-modeling fees will be substantially increased for future gigs.

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