Stranding Weekend: Gray Seals on Billingsgate Shoals

bsgs 003 480

 Billingsgate Shoals Occupied by Gray Seals

Participants in the Stranding Weekend on Outer Cape Cod boarded the Naviator in Wellfleet Harbor this afternoon for a cruise to Billingsgate Shoals at the mouth of Wellfleet Bay.  The shoals are found off the southern tip of the Great Island peninsula, across a swift flowing channel from Jeremy Point.  As the tide drops and Billingsgate Shoals rises from the bottom of Cape Cod Bay, gray seals mass on the moist sands.

bsgs 002 netting 480

 Gray Seal Entangled in Gill Netting

 As the Naviator held station off Billingsgate, binoculars and camera caught three seals that had signs of gill net entanglement.  The third gray seal from the bottom left in the photograph above has extensive netting wrapped around its neck.

bsgs 001 netting 480

Close-Up of Gray Seal Entangled in Gill Netting

A close-up of this seal shows the gill netting more clearly. 

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