Turtle Babies Will Be Released Saturday at Wareham Community Gardens — Public Welcomed

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Nickel-Sized Painted Turtle Hatchling

New Releases at the Wareham Community Gardens

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By Cyrus Moulton, Wareham Week

Sep 01, 2010

Come and join turtle experts Don Lewis and Sue Wieber Nourse as they release eleven painted turtles into the wild on Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Wareham Community Garden on Tihonet Road.

This was the second year that gardeners found painted turtles nesting alongside zucchini, squash and corn.  But the reptiles will be back.  Turtles return to lay eggs at the same place in which they were hatched, explained Lewis.  So these turtles are the garden’s hardiest perennials!

Nevertheless, Wieber Nourse and Lewis decided to help them out by covering the incubating eggs (there were originally two nests, which Wieber Nourse combined after the mother turtle had deposited her eggs and safely returned to the water) with protective fencing.

Two weeks ago, the hatchlings began to emerge.  Since then, Wieber Nourse and Lewis have been helping them get ready for their release, and they want lots of people – especially kids! – on hand to celebrate.

So 10 a.m. on Saturday.  “The turtles are ‘shells up’ and looking forward to freedom on Saturday morning,” said Lewis.

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