Turtles of Cape Cod Field School 2010: Day Three

Fun in the Run

rfs run 003 480

Female Diamondback Terrapin Netted in the Run

The third morning of field school begins with a search for diamondback terrapins in the Run … the estuary  between Lieutenant Island to the north and the Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary to the south.  When low tide drains the estuary, terrapins are forced to flow with the tide into Wellfleet Bay.  As the tide turns, turtles begin to head back into the shallow estuary, affording an opportunity for researchers to net them in relatively clear water.

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Low Tide Drained Tidal Flats in the Run

Participants gathered on the low tide drained tidal flats for last minute instructions.  Sue Wieber Nourse led the water search for turtles while Don Lewis and Barbara Brennessel set up a processing and documenting station on the flats.

Out in the Run to Net Diamondback Terrapins

 rfs run 031 480

Nets at the Ready, The Game’s A-Foot!

rfs run 020 480

Matt (Left) Nets a Male; John Snags a Female

rfs run 022 480

Blown Away by Her Perfect Male Catch

rfs run 015 480

Takes a Big Net to Catch a Small, Fast Turtle

Meet Your Local Reptiles

rfs run 010 480

Bob Prescott Admires This “Golden” Male Terrapin

rfs run 004 480

Turtle Journal Catches the Action

rfs run 006 480

Janet and Male Terrapin Go “Eye-to-Eye”

 rfs run 013 480

Ann Examines Female Terrapin While Male Gets Photoed

 rfs run 999 480

Recaptured Headstart Female Creates Sensation

rfs run 014 480

John Snaps a Male Terrapin in Motion

Lunch Break

rfs run 028 480

Terrapin: Algonquin Word for “Edible Turtle”

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