Healthy Harp Seal off Pleasant Point — 23 January 2001 (afternoon)

01-23b-1 480

Healthy Harp Seal Pup off Blackfish Creek

Contrasting with the ailing seal discovered in the Fresh Brook marsh this morning, a very healthy harp seal pup was found playfully flopping about Pleasant Point off Blackfish Creek.

01-23b-2 480

Juvenile Harp Seal

A little less than three feet long, maybe a half foot shorter than the other juvenile, this seal was markedly plumper and fully aware of its surroundings.

01-23b-3 480

Juvenile Harp Seal Profile

Basking on the crunchy snow left over from the weekend blizzard, this fellow was bright eyed and beautiful.  Harp seals are usually rare in Wellfleet Harbor, but this season has brought us quite a gaggle of youngsters to share the winter weather.

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