Harp Seal May Have Left Fox Island Marsh — 18 December 2000


At low tide this morning, I executed a patterned search of the marsh south of Fox Island, focusing on the areas where the young harp seal was first detected on Saturday (star) and again Sunday (diamond).  There was no sign of her, but this marsh area is quite extensive with acres upon acres of thick grass laced with serpentine channels and quick-mud sink holes.  No ground search, no matter how exhaustive, could conclusively confirm her presence or absence.  I’ll continue to check this area during my regular terrapin habitat patrols.

12-18-2 480

The Cape and Wellfleet were blasted by a storm front last night with winds howling from the south with over 50 knot gusts.  It struck with enough force to down power lines and damage the Lieutenant Island bridge.  Today the breeze has swung to the west at a more moderate 25 to 30 mph.  One wonders whether this gentle critter might have sensed the impending storm and took refuge deep in a protective marsh system almost akin to a hurricane hole.  Just wondering.

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