Wisdom of the Ancient Hatchling

Eastern box turtle hatchlings combine the tenderness, vulnerability and “cuteness” of a tiny new born with the stoic appearance of ancient wisdom. Whether a reflection of the stored knowledge of hundreds of millions of years of fine-tuned DNA evolution or simply a “Fun House” mirror trick inside the brains of our less seasoned DNA, these little critters certainly take on the appearance of all-knowingness.
Eastern Box Turtle Hatchling
“Speak to me, oh Sage of the Ages.  Tell me the mysteries of life.”  Via trans-species telepathy we hear, “Sleep through the winter; sleep through the cold.  Sleep through the storms and never be bold.  Sleep when it’s chilly; sleep when it’s hot.  Sleep when it’s cloudy and eat when it’s not.”

Eastern Box Turtle Hatchlings in Motion

These characters were uncovered in a surprise nest at the edge of the Fox Island Marsh Conservation Area and released back into the wild on Friday.  See the full details of their discovery and release in the posting below.

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