Weekly Reader Spotlights Turtle Journal Research

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Whelk from Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

Weekly Reader, which has been publishing educational material for children for more than a century, spotlighted Turtle Journal research on whelks in two of its recent news magazines. 

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Channeled Whelk Egg Casing from Cape Cod Bay

Photographs of channeled whelk casings, many of which were originally posted on Turtle Journal, appeared in Issue 14, Volume 18 of the Weekly Reader Senior Edition on January 22nd, 2010, as well as the same issue and volume of Edition 3 magazine.

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Channel Whelk Egg Cases

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Size of Channeled Whelk Egg Case in Centimeters

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Baby Channeled Whelks in Egg Case

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Baby Channeled Whelks under Microscopic Examination

2 Responses to “Weekly Reader Spotlights Turtle Journal Research”

  1. Kathy says:

    COOL! Congrats on getting your work published in Weekly Reader!

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