Spider Spells on Lieutenant Island’s Sandy Hook


Wolf Spider on Lieutenant Island’s Sandy Hook

Checking terrapin nests on the sandy hook of Lieutenant Island this week, I stumbled across an interesting spider vignette.  A wolf spider stood at the opening to a perfectly circular wolf spider hole and appeared to be casting a mesmerizing spell on what might lie beneath.

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Wolf Spider Casts Spell

When the spider tried to enter the hole, something happened to cause it to scurry several inches away.  Then, a second wolf spider crept out of the hole to investigate what was happening topside.


Wolf Spider Comes to Surface to Investigate

The two spiders stood a few inches apart  for what seemed like an eternity … or at least long enough to out-wait me, as I had to proceed with my survey of terrapin nests out on this isolated dune arm of Lieutenant Island.


Two Wolf Spiders on Lieutenant Island’s Sandy Hook

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