Gobbler Gang Invades Tony Sailing Hamlet

Toms Roam Wild Through Tony Marion Village

Gobblers, decked in drab brown gang colors offset by bright red neck & leg wear, roam wildly through Marion Village, heart of the SouthCoast sailing aristocracy.  Strutting down this harbor town’s main drag, hopping privacy barriers and disrespecting centuries old stone fences, they peck through manicured Tabor Academy, despoil the lawn of President Cleveland’s vacation home, heckle the gentry at the Beverly Yacht Club and ruffle feathers at the Sippican Tennis and Croquet Society.  Tensions mount near Burr Brothers Marina when rafter and gaggle cross paths.  Clucking American turkeys face off, claw to claw and beak to beak, with honking Canada geese.  West Side Story redux.  Oh, the horror of these nationalist gangs!

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Rafter of Wild Turkeys Ride Roughshod Over Marion Gentry

You may think that herding cats is tough, but it takes a powerful tom to lead a gang of wild turkeys.  This one drove his rafter through the Marion Art Center and into the church triangle on hallowed Front Street where cameras cornered the gang scratching for booty in total disregard of frightened Marionettes barricaded behind frozen doors.

Marion Turkey

Gobblers running amok in the tony town of Marion?  True, there have been reliable records of two-legged turkeys haunting the streets, boardrooms and even bedrooms of Sippican for decades.  But a gang of gaudy toms?  Mon dieu; say it isn’t so!  At the very least, they should respect the town’s preppy dress code.

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