Children Admire 9-Year-Old Diamondback Terrapin

The Buzzards Bay Action Committee sponsored an Earth Day celebration on Saturday, April 25th in Fairhaven on the SouthCoast of Massachusetts.  The Turtle Journal team presented all local turtle species, marine & fresh water, that have already awoken from winter slumber to the delight of children from three to eighty-three, offering a great hands-on learning experience about turtles and nature for Earth Day 2015.

Don Lewis Demonstrates Female Diamondback Terrapin

Diamondback terrapins, spotted turtles and painted turtles greeted visitors and became a central attraction as folks spread out on the floor to get up close and personal with these reptilian guests.  Guests learned about turtles’ life history, their habitat, their predators and their survival status.

Earth Day Children Learn about Threatened Diamondback Terrapin

Using actual field research gear, kids measured and weighed turtles as junior researchers, and found out about obstacles to their future survival.

Turtle Hunt:  Male Spotted Turtle Makes Break for Freedom

Turtle Hunt:  Joy, Delight and Amazement

The highlight of the day came when the male spotted turtle decided to make a break for freedom.  He nimbly scurried under tables, around chairs and made a bee-line for the exit.  Like a western posse, children crawled on all fours to follow the turtle’s movements and to make sure he was safely apprehended.  The sheer joy of discovery and delight of this adventure glowed brightly in their eyes.

Kids Learn about Hard Shells, Soft Skin and Warm Hearts

The experience proved awesome.  Kids who had never seen a turtle, began by wondering if it were real or a toy.  As children touched her hard shell, stroked her soft skin and felt her sharp claws, they gained a first-hand understanding of the nature of turtles, and hopefully the nature of Nature itself.

All Photographs Courtesy of Sue Wieber Nourse of Turtle Journal.

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