Herons Reinforcing Nest for Babies

Male Great Blue Heron Brings Twig to Mom and Babies 

With chicks the size of Baby Huey stumbling around a flimsy treetop aerie, great blue heron parents spent the weekend reinforcing the nest.  Each time dad returned to the nest with a new twig to add to the nest, mom greeted him lovingly, and the kids were simply amused by all the action.  The chicks hatched on May 14; for details, see We Have Great Blue Heron Babies!

Male Great Blue Heron Departs for More Twigs

As though by magic, once the twig was passed to mom, dad lifted his wings and rose into the air.

Male Great Blue Heron Scavenges Material from Deserted Nest

He glided silently to a nearby tree with an abandoned nest that he scavenged for building material.

Male Great Blue Hero Returns to Nest

On a breeze and a thermal, dad floated back to his nest with another twig.

Great Blue Heron Nest Getting a Bit Crowded

As mom and dad worked away, the kids settled down in the comfort of the swaying bough.

Momma Great Blue Heron and the Twins

The parents continued all weekend, twig after twig, until the nest became sturdy enough to support their growing family.

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