Eastern American Toad at SouthCoast Bog

American Toad (Bufo [Anaxyrus] americanus)

With the recent cold snap, aquatic and marine turtles have returned to slumber (brumation).  Wetland frogs that had been in riotous clamor have become quiet.  So, we were surprised yesterday when we discovered this American toad in a local bog.  Rufus (the Turtle Dog) found the toad.  She sniffed out the critter hiding in a clump of grass, and pointed her nose at the toad until she caught our attention.  Rufus is quite the research assistant.

American Toad at SouthCoast Grassi Bog

The American toad (Bofu [Anaxyrus] americanus) is one of the more frequently seen amphibians whose habitat ranges throughout the eastern United States and Canada.  They are sometimes called a “hop toad” and can reach a length of more than 4 inches.  Adults are generally plump.


American Toad Call

The American toad has a beautiful trilling call as illustrated in the YouTube video above.

American Toad Dorsal View

As described on the U.R.I. web site, the American toad has a large, wide head, short limbs and rough, warty skin.  A light, narrow mid-dorsal stripe may be present, as illustrated in this photograph.

American Toad Ventral View

The ventral side is cream colored with small dark spots.  Males have dark throats and females are significantly larger than males.  Both factors indicate that this specimen is a female American toad.

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