Great Blue Heron Nest Building at SouthCoast Rookery

 Great Blue Heron Male Bringing Material to Nest

As the weather cleared on April 7th, the Turtle Journal team observed great blue heron pairs in the SouthCoast rookery repairing and reinforcing their nests for the coming season.  These large birds sail through the air as if in slow motion as they gently alight on the tree’s highest and most fragile branches.

Male Great Blue Heron Returns to Nest

The male heron gathers twigs and small branches from surrounding trees and passes these to the female for placement in the nest.

Great Blue Herons Reinforcing Nest

In full mating plumage, these exquisite animals embody grace and beauty as they prepare the nest for eggs and chicks to come.

Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) Pair

The great blue herons tiptoe through ritual on each return, as though reinforcing their bond as well as strengthening the nest itself.

Male Great Blue Heron Leaves for More Twigs

With the transfer complete, the male spreads his wings and seems to float from the nest as he glides to another nearby tree to gather more material to reinforce the nest for the ordeal ahead.

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