Painted Turtle Nests at Sunset

Painted Turtle Nests at Sunset

As the Turtle Journal team explored a sunset bathed wetlands off Sippican Harbor on the Massachusetts SouthCoast, we spotted this small painted turtle, completing her nest.  Facing directly into the setting sun, she slowly carved the egg chamber, deposited her eggs and carefully covered the nest.

Painted Turtle Nest Covered

Except for discoloration caused by mixing moist bottom soil with dry top sand, the nest completely disappears.  Somehow she even managed to place a piece of plastic debris over the egg chamber.  This color change, of course, fades in a short while, making the nest invisible to mere mortals.

Five Pink and Perfect Painted Turtle Eggs

Excavating the nest, we quickly discovered the “sweet spot,” the entry hole for the egg chamber, and harvested five perfect pink eggs for protection.

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