Sunset with Dinosaurs in SouthCoast Wetlands

Dinosaur-Like Snapper Nests at Sunset

An exquisite evening in SouthCoast wetlands on the last day of May.  Steaming hot with a brilliant sunset.  Bullfrogs bellowing, wood frogs croaking, red-wing blackbirds screeching … and dinosaur-like snappers nesting.

Dinosaur at Sunset in SouthCoast Wetlands

In a calm trance state fueled by oxytocin, this beautiful gal allowed us to lie beside her within inches to photograph her chiseled profile and to document the nesting process.  And, yes; I know.  It’s deuce difficult to distinguish between video and still.  They’re that slow and deliberate.

Snapping Turtle Posed to Deposit Eggs

We remain in awe of the power of these living fossils.  This lass dug through layers of rocky gravel to create her nest, using her tail to anchor her body.

Gorgeous Nesting Female Snapper

Some say a face that only a mother could love.  Heck no.  This lovely lass is a mother herself, and any self-respecting dinosaur would find her perfectly appealing. 

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