Another Sign of Spring — Juvenile Garter Snake

Juvenile Garter Snake

Temperatures today reached the high 40s, so the Turtle Journal team explored a nearby abandoned cranberry bog to see what spring life may be emerging.  The entire wetlands echoed with a chorus of spring peepers, punctuated by the croaks of wood frogs.

Juvenile Garter Snake Basking in Bog Channel

Shallow bog channels were filled with egg masses, both frogs and salamanders.  In the channel closest to the woods, Don Lewis spotted an unusual twig or grass reed lying crossways, which actually proved to be a small basking garter snake.

 Juvenile Garter Snake in Abandoned Marion Cranberry Bog

Turtle Journal documented this juvenile garter snake and immediately released it back into the safety of the bog.  The team loves to find such exquisite signs of spring, especially after this neverending winter.

Juvenile Garter Snake in the Hand

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