Let the Turtling Begin

Female Spotted Turtle and Sue Wieber Nourse

Torrential rains and rising temperatures last night gave way to sunshine and 50 degree temperatures this morning.  Those conditions spurred SouthCoast fresh water turtles to emerge from winter brumation where they have kept safe and comfortable through the last 5 1/2 months.  Sue Wieber Nourse found two basking spotted turtles at a East Marion pond and captured one of them, a mature female.

Mature Female Spotted Turtle #13

Turtle Journal has followed the life cycle of this spotted turtle, #13, for many years.  She is unique with scutal anomalies all along her carapace.  She also sports a large bump under her shell at the 4th vetebral.  Despite these “flaws,” Lucky #13 has been assessed as healthy and normal when we find her each spring happily basking with one of the guys.  Today was no different.  (See The Adorable Couple: Spotted Turtles Emerge from March 14th, 2012.)

Painted Turtle Basks in Abandoned Bog Reservoir

Also this morning, Don Lewis discovered a large painted turtle basking on a rock in the middle of the reservoir of an abandoned cranberry bog in Marion.  This location will sport tens of basking turtles once spring sets in.  Yet this morning, we found only this lone turtle that had emerged early from brumation.  Nevertheless, with spotted and painted turtles on the move, the game’s afoot.  Let the turtling begin! 

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