Wareham Turtles Show Their Colors

West Wareham Diamondback Terrapin Hatchlings

On Monday, residents of Rose Point in West Wareham brought a diamondback terrapin hatchling to the National Marine Life Center in Buzzards Bay.  They had discovered this hatchling, likely born in the fall of 2011, crawling aimlessly on Rose Point, which juts out into the Sippican River.  They had kept it through the spring and summer, but were alerted by recent newspaper articles about the protected status of these threatened turtles.  NMLC called Turtle Journal and Don Lewis retrieved the hatchling for return back into the wild.

Eastern Box Turtle in Wareham Pine Woodlands

During his lunch break on Tuesday, Turtle Journal’s Don Lewis took a walk through the pine woodlands of Indian Neck in Wareham.  Along a critter trail, he found a young female Eastern box turtle enjoying the summer day.

Wareham Female Eastern Box Turtle

An 11-year-old female, this turtle seemed shocked by Don’s presence.  She appeared as though she had never seen a human before, certainly a possibility because of her remote homestead.

Wareham Female Eastern Box Turtle Close Up

Quite a beauty of whom Wareham can be rightly proud!

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