Horseshoe Crabs Horsing Around on Cape Cod

 Horseshoe Crab Pair off Lieutenant Island, South Wellfleet

It’s that time of the year again.  Horseshoe crabs on the Lieutenant Island tidal flats have paired up and begun the annual spring mating dance.  Watch your step as you wade through the water.  Pairs are burrowed under the sand; they’re swimming through the water; they’re crawling along the murky bottom.  And they’re always paired up with female in the lead, male clinging on for dear life.  His objective?  Be Johnny on the Spot when she decides to release eggs at a high tide coming soon to a beach near you.

Horseshoe Crabs Horsing Around on Outer Cape Cod 

As Turtle Journal walked through the Fresh Brook Run this afternoon, we found pair after pair of horseshoe crabs traversing the channel.  The only lonelies were a few isolated males cruising the (sand)bars, hoping to find a detached female.  Viva la difference!

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